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About Social Manipulation System

Play as a digital ghost trapped inside a smartphone. Use apps on the phone to discover the relationships and interests of characters in the world, then use this information to your advantage by sending fake messages, editing emails, and hacking apps to accomplish your own goals.

The story unfolds by solving app-based puzzles on the phone and watching the consequences unfold outside the phone. Explore the phones of an over-the-top family as you manipulate your way through the house and find your way back to your body.

SMS is a story-driven puzzle game available now.

Development Team

Spencer Witkin portrait Spencer Witkin



Bryce Newbury portrait Bryce Newbury

Lead Designer

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Wilbur Li portrait Wilbur Li

Lead Programmer


Dmytro Allakhverdiyev portrait Dmytro Allakhverdiyev



Frank Friesen portrait Frank Friesen


Michael Domalewski

Character Artist

Charisse Lo

Sprite Artist

Janice Lee

Background Artist